Work method

The horse’s will be checked externally, meanwhile I will ask the owner the history of the horse and possible issues. Next, I will rinse the mouth profusely, and check the inside. A special streamlight (headlamp) is used to give plentiful light to give a proper diagnoses. Furthermore, all the teeth will be checked by hand to see if there are any loose teeth.

Capturing Data
After a check-up, a written dental chart always follow for accurate records and for a future checkup.

Electric dental tools are used to give the best results. To give the most efficient dental care, it may be necessary to sedate the horse. This is done with sedation pasta, and requires extra time before the sedation starts working. It is also possible to inject the sedation. This works faster, but this is only entrusted to a veterinarian. No other qualified person may use this method.

As soon as the dental treatment is finished, additional advice will be given. Afterwards, your loyal four-legged animal can continue with his greatest hobby; Eating!!