Healthy dental care for the well-being of your horse

Proper equine dental care is essential for the well-being of your horse. Dental problems causes pain and discomfort which can lead to feeding difficulties. Proper dental care can avoid and solve these problems.

An optimal comfort in the horse’s mouth allows peak performance and harmony between the horse and rider. Distraction from irritation or uneasiness in the mouth is not the principle to make your horse a champion.


Horse dental care

A big animal, such as a horse who needs dental care is quite a challenge. Here you can view what happens during a dental treatment. Read more>

want to learn more about horses teeth

Want to learn more about horses teeth?

On the anatomy page you can see what happens inside the horses’ head. The muscles, nerves, salivary glands and teeth work as a team to make chewing possible. The chapter tooth problems will show the most common dental problems. Read more >

More about Marcel

How does someone get caught up in horse dental care? Through a detour Marcel finds his way back to his passion: Horses. Read more>