Maurits de Vries and Cindy Sneekes have many Dutch vaulting horses, that find their way all over the world. With the right blood in their veins, sisters Carola and Esther constitute a Dutch proud at many international competitions. They show that a small country can be big.

“A constant bridle is essential to carry out horseback calisthenics well. After a treatment with Marcel, we experienced a great difference.”

For decades, he was a former world champion, Riny Rutjens, an established pair driver of carriage horses. Meanwhile, daughter Rodinde is on her way to take over this championship. In 2014 she became 2nd at the national championship with her pair ponies in front of the carriage.

“My pair ponies in front of the carriage have great trust in me. I gained their trust by paying attention to the details. This also includes an annual dental checkup. Marcel comes every year before the competitive season starts, to do a dental checkup.”

A young and dynamic horse stable, under management by Joseph Rothstein and Sara Broekhuis, where countless jump horses and eventing horses find their way to a new owner. From young horses, to great international performance horses, all levels are at JR Stables.

“Price/Quality is our highest priority, this includes a dental treatment. Our horses’ mouth are expertly reviewed by Marcel”

A born dressage professional. Together with her father and mother they form an epic center from Manege Pareynhof in Bree, Belgium. A tackle, and pushing yourself to the limits are the key words, where she differs in dressage competitions.

“Ever since Marcel checks my horses, I don’t doubt the quality of my dressage horses’ mouth.”

Eventing star in the making. Executive with one of her horses, and is greatly driven. Her quest for perfection is in the genes of her mother, Angelique Schreurs [Massage Hippique] as a solid home base. In 2017 with Quibus the European Championships National Riders are scheduled in the agenda. She also makes her debut this year in the international eventing circuit.

“we are always happy with Marcel’s visits. He shows and allows you to understand what happens inside the horse’s mouth.”