EOTRH is a problem to the incisors that is starting to occur more frequently that I would like to explain it. EOTRH stands for ‘Equine Odontalclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypersementosis’. The root of the tooth is absorbed and the glaze is discomposed. It is possible that the tooth root will increase in growth, because of the growth of cement, which is clearly visible above the invisible crown of the incisors. It’s a painful process and occurs in older horses seen around the age of 15 and older. The process starts at the most outer incisor and spreads its way to the other incisors, sometimes it may be possible that even the hooks are included in this process. It is recommended to remove the elements, if clear pain is shown, and food intake becomes more difficult. The best advise we can give is to have this done at a specialized clinic.

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