Judith Adriaansens and Ilonka Murk established in 2006 a reputable practice to improve the health, and the well-being of your horse. Every once in awhile, I receive clients from their practice to perform a thorough oral examination. It always suprises me with the precision what they can give to the area in which the problems are located.


Leandra Theunissen is an all-round lady, who studied at “the Vluggen Institute for Education and Equine Osteopathy” in Waldfeucht, Germany. She is able to detect problems with movement, and she is able to mobilize these problems. Her treatment is a perfect complement to the training of your horse, and will support the self-healing ability of the horse’s body.


For many, Angelique Schreurs is the ambassador for horse sport massage in the Netherlands. Sport massages are directed to addressing the cause of muscle problems. It is, as in the human sports massage, mainly focused on the prevention of injuries. Angelique has been active as a sport masseur, but also takes care of several trainig oppurtunities for her field.


Elke Pollaris heads the equine dentistry department at the Veterinary Clinics De Morette, De Bosdreef and Equitom.

Elke graduated as a veterinarian from Ghent University in 2014. After an internship, she specialized in equine dentistry at the same university. She passed her European specialist exam in 2019 and became one of the few certified equine dental specialists in Belgium (Diplomate EVDC Eq). In addition, she completed PhD in 2021 in which she investigated the effect of cracks in horse teeth.

From October 2021, Elke will provide specialized dental care for horses at the clinic and also at your home. She emphasizes a healthy mouth and the prevention of dental and gum problems, so that your horse stays healthy and can deliver top performance.


Dr. Chris Hannes, horse dentist from Belgium, is a big inspiration for my carreer. I enjoyed my training under his wings at the NHB in Deurne. I refer my patients to his practice for complicated 2nd line treatment and medical interventions. Would you like to learn even more about the matter of horse teeth? Try to find a copy of his book ‘Gebitsverzorging bij paarden’ (Dental Care for Horses), ISBn 978-90-5877-737-9. Reading his book is very worthwile.


The Dutch Association of Dental Care for Horses (Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Gebitsverzorging bij het Paard) has set a goal to reach a higher level of the horse dentists and dental caregivers. This is reached with theoretical and practical exams, after, which succesful candidates will be certified. The branch also organizes frequent lectures or trainings. They ensure there is contact for the certified candidates to promote the overall level of knowledge.


We established our business under this name in 2007. My wife, Nancy Meyer, has her own webshop with quality equestrian food and wellness products. Did get her Cum Laude homeopathy studies in 2017. She enthusiastically rides several dressage horses, and gives horse riding lessons. She provides top quality, German horse feed, ‘St. Hippolyt’ and ‘Agrobs.’ If you have any questions relating this subject, don’t hesitate to contact her via de webshop,. She will gladly help.


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